mardi 23 décembre 2008

Déjà vu

I recalled you as spears were going off from me
And as white butterflies were flying away from my flowing blood
So I wanted to kiss the swords
Just because
They sparkled like your shining smiling mouth

jeudi 4 décembre 2008


Since that time I've been waiting
In that dark room behind the door,
I heard people having fun and singing
At the end of the corridor
Someone has touched the bolt
I was thrown into daylight
I saw brass bands and barriers
And people all around

At first I thought
I only had to run
But There was no through road
the game has just begun
They closed the door behind me
They were afraid that I reverse
I must get that handsome flamenco dancer
Otherwise I would be cursed

I can still remember
that cactus-lined street
Why would I have to tremble
In front of that puppet, that creep..
I'll catch him with his sombrero
I'll make them turn like the sun
Standing ovation for the hero
The bullfighter is a woman

I've already chased ghosts
I've even touched their ballet shoes
They hit my neck so hard
to make me bow and loose
Where do these acrobats come from
with their paper costumes
I've never learned to fight dolls
As slain, they turn to fumes

I hear them laugh as I groan
I hear them dance as I succumb
I've never known
That people could have that much fun
Around a tomb


I got addicted to you and it's over. Or has it just begun?...
So stick your presence into my veins like an anesthetic golden needle.
And stick your tongue into my chest so that my heart wakes..