mardi 24 février 2009

I bear witness to trees' fingers

Here comes the river of time to sweep you away
Trees are shaking their ghostly windy arms
Farewell is drawn in green color
Birds are yelling with their broken beaks
And I am looking at the water flooding your face
that was once my lighthouse
I say nothing .. but I yawn

I got used to that scene
I knew since the beginning
that I found you to loose you
that I loved you to miss you
Because we met by chance
As you were going to your glory's joy
and as I was coming back from my boredom
We were two arrows going in opposite directions
There was no way out of goodbye, as well as our encounter...

I am letting you go with a little pang
As the moment we crossed each other,
the whole world shined for a while
Like sudden thunder lights the sky
I saw my fragile reality
and your ironic reality, then
But still love rained warmly
So we melt in the storm
And elements thought we'll never be apart...
It was nice that we met
and soothing to split up ... and enter the yawning