mercredi 18 mars 2009

Passers-by through borrowed words

Hey, passers-by through borrowed words
Pick up your names and go
Remove your watches from our time and go
Take the amount you want of the memory's sand
And our sea's blue...
Take all the photos you like, so that you know
That you'll never know
How rocks build the sky's roof in our land

Hey, passers-by through borrowed words
You've got the sword and we've got our blood
You've got steel and fire and we've got our pain
You've got a brand new tank and we've got stones
You've got a gas bomb and we've got the rain
So take your share of our blood and go
Enter a dancing party and go
We'll keep looking after our tombs' roses
We'll keep living despite your plan

3 commentaires:

Walter VEGA a dit…

Shotgun blast, a demon piece of lead
With both eyes open
I wait up for the kill
Feel the evil
Feel the heat as I blast you open
Death comes ripping
And it's going, death comes ripping
You feel the heat as death comes ripping

Free phoenix a dit…

saisissant! bravo!j'adore...

nothingprofound a dit…

This poem is beautifully realized, and the message comes shining through.