dimanche 23 mai 2010

Among others

And to confess it all,
To the whole world.
The earth,
The trees,
And the sea's waves,
Among others...

And to not forget.
The sad times,
The absence,
And the moans,
Among others...

And to not sink
into the emptiness of
And vain hours,
Among others...

And as long as there is you.
And hazy,
But real...
There will still be dreams
And few drops of ecstasy,
Among others...

7 commentaires:

Téméraire V5.0 a dit…

Tant qu'IL existe, même quelque part ... tu le cherches, tu le trouveras, ce n'est pas un espoir ... mais une certitude que l'amour vaincra et que le coeur fera un nouveau départ

Voltairien a dit…

let me add :

there will still be a summer
with an endness night festival
of desire
love perspiration
and sea salt licking

Voltairien a dit…

mon délire estival

Mayday a dit…

@ Téméraire: Heureusement qu'il y a toujours un générateur d'émotions quelque part qui est en mesure de donner quelques touches couleurs à un quotidien morose.
@Voltairien: Je veux bien y croire :p

nothingprofound a dit…

Always keep that spark alive and that fire burning. Never let any thought or event extinguish it.

Gar a dit…

Things don't come easy
when you're talking about that love
dreams make you dizzy
turning that thorn into a dove.

Keep the hope
spread your wings
but do not fly
cause some times
if you reach it
it will die.

Mayday a dit…

@Marty Thanks a lot for dropping by and for your nice comment. In fact, keeping that spark alive is the only way to keep believing that dreams may come true...
@Gar: André Gide a dit "chaque désir m'a plus enrichi que la possession toujours fausse de l'objet même de mon désir." A méditer :))