lundi 1 novembre 2010

The forgotten dream

Forgotten, as if you've never been.
Like a bird with broken wings, forgotten.
Like a deserted temple.
Like a passing love.
Like a weeping rose in the darkness of the night, forgotten...

And now, as you wake up,
you remember the swan lake you saw in your dream.
Did you see that swan dancing?
Did you hear it scream?
Did you see it spread its wings?
Did you believe for just one second it could fly?
Did you only notice the curse that is stuck behind?..

So you think you saw a phoenix..
Did it call your name from above?
You think you saw the dawn..
Did it rise between the fingers of the one you love?
Did you touch the dream with your own two hands?
Or did you just let the dream dream on its own...
Did you just let the dream dream alone?
The dream dreams alone.. alone it stands...

That's not the way dreamers act.
Dreamers keep on living in their dreams; that's a fact.
Tell me how you were living in your dream;
I'll tell you who you are..
How would you react?

Now that you're awake,
you recall and wonder...
Did you believe that dreamt emotions are fake?
Did you forget the life you lived in your slumber?
Do you miss the dream that you forsake?
If you do, then just close your eyes and remember
that, once upon a dream, there was a swan lake...

I'm on my way following someone.
Drawing my dreams with the words he scatters on my story.
He's lighting the way to the next dream giver that will come.
And the story is going on.
The story never ends.
The dream is never done.
A trace of you remains.
Like finger prints on a draft of a poem left undone.

You're forgotten as if you've never been
a haunting presence betweeen the lines.
Forgotten, as if you never came.
Forgotten as if you've never gone...

2 commentaires:

Gar a dit…

Lovers are always dreams weavers, don't wake me up.

Mayday a dit…

I can't agree more, dear..