mercredi 14 avril 2010


You're only you.. nothing more,
nothing less...
Why do you have to be a smoke,
in a lamp that hardly lights,
while the fire around,
is merely used to amaze,
or catch flies...

And I'm just me,
with a little drop of sadness..
I'm as real
as my presence from a distance regardless
of how far...
And I know that a cloud would be
enough for you to pull off my dress,
like you've never undressed a goddess before..

Just like you,
I'm longing for the taste
of the melting sensation,
between the sign and the line,
when bodies turn to shapes
that fit together...
I'm longing for a little bit of life,
for the beauty's fever...
and for the elated feeling
that someone's waiting
behind the door...
And I'm longing for the you and the me becoming
the two of us...
and more..

4 commentaires:

عاشور الناجي a dit…

شكرا من القلب مايدا

Mayday a dit…

الشكر لك! أنت الذي أبدعت و ألهمتني بنصّك

nothingprofound a dit…

Very beautiful. Both tender and passionate.

ancien combattant a dit…

La photo est superbe... L'union des corps qui précède la fusion. là où les corps ne font qu'un et les âmes s'élèvent pour atteindre le Graal.

tes poèmes sont d'une sensibilité à fleur de peau, qui affleure à la surface de ta peau pour effleurer mes sens jusqu'aux prochains mots...