mercredi 10 mars 2010

The feather effect

Move a step closer.
Get near.
You know,
sometimes first impressions
do not reflect what's real.
And my shyness, dear,
does not mean I fear..

Don't ask me why I touch the horse
if I'm afraid of the neigh.
Don't ask me why I'm cold
when only two hills and a bush
are left between us, on your way..

Move a step closer
and you'll see,
how sweet death could be,
between wake and sleep,
between laugh and weep,
between dressed and nude,
between libertine and prude.

Start from the first line
if you think you can read
all that's written in my mind..

Start from the first hip
if you think that's the way you should follow
to discover the front of my land
and behind..

Start from the summit of the first breast,
if you're fond of vertigo,
if you think you're ready to slope and climb..

Start from the lips
and go down,
if your sixth sense tells you
that's the first of the seven keys
you have to find..

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